Got Hearing Aids Today And Cried Because My Cat Purred

By A Friend • March 18, 2020

I (31F) began to lose my hearing about ten years ago, when I was in the military. My husband and I got a cat about five years ago. I've never owned a cat before, so I had no idea what kind of noises they made besides "meow" so I had no context for what to expect when I heard my cat purr for the first time today.

I was laying in bed and he jumped up next to me and snuggled into my armpit. I started to feel him vibrate like he always does and then I heard it. I was so scared at first, I didn't understand what the sound was. Then it clicked: purring isn't just vibrating! It's a sound! I can hear it! My cat has wandered off now, but I keep bursting into tears just thinking about his purr. I've never heard a cat purr before and it's so sweet. There's this ethereal quality to it I can't even describe. It has this rhythmic pattern to it. It's all nasally, but low and fluttery.

My husband and kids are sleeping and I don't want to wake them up, but I'll tell them in the morning. I just wanted to share this joy I'm feeling with someone now.


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