The Return Message From A Robin And White Feather

By Clara Bell • March 7, 2020

My dear friend passed on Dec 18, I left her at 11:30 that night. Putting up her christmas stuff and looking forward to Xmas. She just adored robins, one came to her backyard every day, and I bought her lots or robin pictures and blankets and robin items. She always said it was her Mum, she got really happy when she saw her little robin.

Weeks after her passing, I was talking to her and for the first time ever a beautiful beautiful came and sat on my flower pot... looking at me and walking around the pot. Oh I was so so happy it was my friend, I Know it was. And the day before I was walking and a white feather was just waiting on me and I knew that was from my neice. I am going truly upset at this time but I know they are telling me it's going to be okay, they are both with me... xxxxxxxxxxx


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