The Light We Live In

By Moladybug • March 5, 2020

As I look outside from my desk at work, I have a view of the mountains, a beautiful, partially cloudy blue sky and the random car traffic on our quiet rode. I love this view and consider myself blessed to have it every work day. I have worked for companies where my desk or cubicle had no window view and there are associates at my current company who do not have a view. I know I am lucky and I appreciate it so much.

God is light, 1 John 1:5. This is a small piece of a bigger verse in my treasured bible. One that I remember almost daily, as I walk out the front door for the first time at my home each day. I stop and let the sunlight shine on my face, I close my eyes and feel it warm my soul. I pray. Maybe this day had a restful night to start it, maybe I am in mourning, I could be tired or sore from the gym. Maybe I have trouble in my heart over an action from my young adult children, my husband or myself.

There are so many ways a day can start, but God is light and when I feel that light touch my face, warm it in the heat of summer or I shiver in the cold of winter, I am blessed because I know God is with me.

It is a simple statement but so powerful in the emotion as I stand in the sun, my eyes closed and feel Him.


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