A Simple Fact!

By Anjali Mohapatra • February 28, 2020

Once a teacher was passing through the corridor of the school after finishing her teaching in the class. While coming, one of the care takers of the school who was very friendly to that teacher wished to talk to her. The care taker said, ‘Miss, I want to tell you something.’

‘Of course, you can. What do you want to tell me?’

‘I have observed you from the day one you joined. I like your simplicity, but in this present world, you have seen others. Why don't you put some simple make up? You look too simple! Maybe, after few days, they will count you as odd-man out.’

The teacher smiled and tapped her back, softly said, ‘Don't worry! This is a fact. Fashion is also an art which is lacking with me. The school has chosen me because of my teaching, not for my beauty. It doesn't matter, if they want to remove me looking at my appearance. I am fine with what I am! But, my heartiest thanks for your concern! I appreciate it!’


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