My Dad Just Sent Me $10,000

By A Friend • January 3, 2020

Growing up I’ve always been very independent. I’ve never asked for my parents for money or help, and I’ve always lived a pretty secluded life from them. We’re close, but not in a “I’m going to tell you every detail of my life” way.

A little back ground: I moved out at 17, went to university, and dropped out in my third year. I married my long term boyfriend, we had a daughter, I go back to school a second time. We decide to split up, my daughter and I find a new house to move into. My car craps out and I need to buy a new one.

These last two years have been HARD. But we’re trekking on. I’m happier now than I was. Money is extremely tight, but we are managing. I was speaking to my dad a few weeks ago getting caught up and he asked about my financial situation. I open up and tell him things are fine, but tight. We’re doing okay.

He then tells me he wants to send me some money to cover my debts. I tell him it’s a lot. $6000 in student loans, $4000 in credit card debt.

He says he is proud of me and the way I’ve moved through life so far. He’s proud of the way I’ve been raising my daughter and how independent I am. He wants me to start this new chapter of my life with a clean slate and this allows me to put the money I was putting towards debt repayment into savings.

I’m not sure what the point of this post was. I love my dad so much and I’m appreciative of him for giving me the gift of no debts. It also feels good to be recognized for doing a good job raising my daughter. And to be told that living independently is a good thing. I often feel guilty for not being very open with my parents.

Today I’m feeling all the feels and I’m excited to start 2020 off on the right foot!


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