We Are Worthy

By Vance R. G. Angel • December 23, 2019

I wouldn't say I'm particularly rich by societies standards, but on the front of wealth measured by experience and valuable lessons, I would consider myself very wealthy. On another hand I would rather say "grateful".

I have almost completely lost interest in exploring for what I can see, and I have discovered far more beauty lying beneath the surface of the people all around me. Traveling as I am, staying in each place for an average of six months has enabled me to not only see the beauty of the place lying on the surface, but also the glories and riches embedded in the cultures built by the people dwelling in them. The call to travel is definitely one that has addressed my heart unignorably. But not just for the sights and the sounds of what is foreign, but for the hearts of the people there and their stories. I would definitely say that these gems some call nothing MORE than stories are what I find MOST valuable. My soft heart leaps from my chest with every tale of every real person I have had such an amazing opportunity to meet; One broken and left out to dry by the man she gave her purest love to, another recklessly passionate and inspiringly unstoppable in his pursuit for what drives him, yet another overflowing with wisdom gained by experiences many of us could not even bare the thought of encountering ourselves.

Yet these stories are unknown and left hidden beneath the lack of an accepting world. Often greeted by disregard and disvalue, shunned by society and left to be ignored for their lack of conformity to what the masses would call publicly acceptable. Now uncovered by a willing heart eager to find them, I call them beautiful.

However! I do not disvalue those that join the ranks of the disapproving masses! Instead, I also find you beautiful. Among you are some of the most beautiful souls one can find. I find these stories adrift among the angry, the joyful, the judgmental, the accepted, the broken, the proud, the loved and the hated. With every beating heart and the legend left by those that beat on with in each of us, there lies a beauty that cannot be summed in words, but by the humbled eye, beheld.

Behold this beauty for yourself, and I guarantee you, you will find it difficult to hold back the gates that seal your prying tears. We ARE the beauty of this world. Together, apart, united, divided, in greatness and awe, in brokenness and shamed… YOU… are the beauty of this world.

YOU are the priceless gems that make our world worthy.

YOU, the sum of all that is good and all that is bad within you that makes you who you are… YOU are WORTHY.


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