A Helping Hand

By Rupon Das • December 22, 2013

This is an incident that happened to me today. While coming back home from my mobile shopee, I encountered with an elderly person aged somewhat 65. He has dropped down his car onto a drain. There was nobody on that empty lane to help him out. It was really shaking out my heart. I walked down to the elderly man to offer my helping hand. It was impossible for me all alone to take the car out from the drain. So I look around to find someone to get help. To my luck and god wishes I got two person to help out. With much efforts and hard labour we finally managed to get the car out of drain. The elderly man thanked me and the other person with all courtesy and humbleness. The elderly person took up another step to have my number and said he goona call me back. It has completely make me fell happy and wonderful about myself. He was kind of fatherly figure to me. And yes he did call me up, say after fifteen minutes. The elderly person thanked me up again and wished up to met me.

Don't know if my story has really got any deep meaning, but yeah this small kindness act has make me a better person within myself. So I would like to wind up my story asking every reader do it take so much to offer a helping hand to someone who need it ?


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