There Was Almost A Huge Wreck On A Rather Busy Highway

By A Friend • November 20, 2019

I’m on the road a lot for my job and is see a lot of accidents, wrecks, flipped cars..etc.

Today I’m heading to a fairly remote town and to get there I have to take a fairly busy highway that has a lot of blind curves and hills. So I’m making my way around a curve and down a hill when I see the car in my lane swerve into the other lane (something large was in the middle of our lane) causing the car in the other lane to slam their breaks which in return make the car behind them slam their brakes all while I have to follow the initially swerving car in the other lane but I whip into a drive way to get off the road.

After a few seconds things clear up and there weren’t any wrecks. All the cars in this instance drove away leaving the object in the road but since I was pulled over I figured I’d move it to prevent this happening again.

And just as I get out of my car to pick it up I see a guy on the other side of the road running along the highway to pick it up. I watched him put it in the bed of his truck as he returned to his vehicle. The object wasn’t in his lane and he very easily could of kept driving but pulled over to pick it up.

I guess it was just nice to see someone else go out of their way to do something for other people knowing he wouldn’t get a thank you.

So thanks man, whoever you are.


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