I Saw A Stranger With A Blanket I Made Yesterday

By A Friend • November 11, 2019

Last year I was able to do a nice thing for some community members. I was homeless and made a poor flipping decision on polar fleece (flipping - buying and selling as side income). Essentially, shipping costs would have killed any margin and local wasn't working.

So I took the downtime I had at a night job and made double fleece no sew tie blankets and handed them out to fellow homeless people after shift one morning at a food pantry when the frosts were hitting.

It was a brief experience but positive. I made about two dozens people's mornings with a clean new blanket while waiting in the cold.

Yesterday, around a year later I saw a homeless person walking down the street with one of those blankets. The fabric choice, my poor technique, all of it. I'm sure I've never seen this person before so that blanket went on a journey and is still providing comfort to someone.

I'm not homeless anymore, but times are hard, and seeing that really brightened my day. I just wish I had some more fleece now.


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