A Hidden Letter

By Anjali Mohapatra • October 29, 2019

Today is Sunday. This is the only day, I usually get up late but devote some of my time for cleaning, dusting or re-arrangement of the household articles. So, I got up at fifteen minutes left to be nine. Well, like everyday, I finished my daily routine. Holding a cup of black lemon tea, I took a piece of cloth and started dusting first. I couldn't dust my book-shelf, maybe for last three, four months. So, I decided to remove all the books from the shelves, after dusting put it in an arranged manner.

Books are my passion. I really admire some particular writer's publication, although I use to read others too. I displayed all the books on the floor, then cleaned the shelves with a mini vacuum cleaner. Slowly, I cleaned the dust from every single book. Randomly, I was shuffling the books too. You know what? Usually, if I am in a hurry, I use to keep some papers or currency notes inside the book. Honestly, it is a very bad habit. However, I turned the pages, gave a quick glance, and then put it back on the shelf.

Almost all the books were kept, except two, three small story books. I was so crazy for these books, any moment I saw it, my lips widened with a smile. I went on reading again and again, which I loved most and preserved it very, very carefully. I took one of the books, cleaned it properly, then slowly turned the pages. Suddenly, a half torn out brownish white envelop, fell down on the floor. Almost one centimetre thick dust covered the envelop, making it brown. I was surprised! I couldn't remember, when did I put that envelop inside the book. May be years before!

Anyways, I opened the envelop carefully. Inside it, a folded paper slipped out from the envelope. A layer of dust changed the colour, almost into a brownish. I squeezed it and threw it in the dust bin. I didn't know, why my intuition forced me to open that paper. Once again, I collected the paper from the dust bin. It was a letter! I was too curious to know to whom the letter was addressed. I kept everything aside, and opened it slowly. The letter was addressed to me with my siblings. Instantly I couldn't recognise the hand writing! But I assumed it as 'mom's hand writing. I was excited, I could hear my racing pulse rate. I was stunned for a while! 'Why did mom write a letter to us? Something in her mind?' My curiosity increased as time passed. It was written-


My dear children,

I love you so much, dears! This is not a letter to be posted. I have written this, only in a hope that one day you will find it. Yes, I wanted to let you know something, which I thought was not appropriate to express face to face. Maybe, this is my way of expressing some important things in life. Had it been told in front of you at that time, it might had a different scenario! Maybe, you might have thought that I was delirious. So, one day when all of you were out for college and your dad went to office, I finished my work early and decided to write a letter to all of you. But I kept it for a long time in my cupboard, so that you can't get it before I wish. Just few days before, when I was sure that I won't survive for long days, my intuition forced me to keep it somewhere that you can get it.

However dears, you are all my precious gems! Life is too short and uncertain. What I say is not new at all, but why I say is important: Few days after, you will be all alone in this vast world! I would not be there to restrict you, or render you advices 'good or bad'. I have full faith on you that whatever steps you will take would be reasonable and wise. May God guide you in right direction!

All around you, is filled with delusions! Through your inner consciousness only, you can lit the light and brighten the path, where you want to focus. Remember the proverb- 'as you sow, so shall you reap', the way you will act, will be returned back to you again. So, be careful and be aware of every step. Be positive all the time. Everything would vanish, except one thing- 'the reward of your 'Karma' (the act you do in your life time)! All of you are so good! Hopefully, you can understand, what I mean. Be kind and good all the time. Be truthful and sincere. Rest, God will take care! Keep faith in 'Him'!!!

Yours affectionately,


I was silent for a long time, holding that letter. Just few words came out, 'I love you, mama!'


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