By Joseph J. Mazzella • September 16, 2019

Webster's Dictionary defines a dream as a "Series of thoughts or visions during sleep." Biologists say dreams are our brains way of organizing, storing, and remembering what we have seen the day before. Psychologists say dreams sometimes help us work out our issues and emotional problems. Most people, however, think dreams are unimportant and do their best to ignore and forget them.

Lately, my own dreams have had a lot of visitors. While my brain has been remembering what happened the day before and my heart has been working out my issues and problems, I keep seeing my Dad, Mom, Nana, and friend Kai. The funny thing is all of them are deceased. None of them have been a part of my daily life for years now. While I remember them all with love, I have no issues or problems to work out with any of them. Why then do they visit my dreams night after night?

When I see my Dad, Mom, Nana, and Kai they all seem younger and healthier than they were when they died. They have no pain in their faces and their smiles share only love and joy. They seem to be there only to comfort me, to reassure me, and to give me strength to face life and to live it with love. Each time I awake after one of these dreams I feel at peace again and thank God for their visit.

Maybe there is more to dreams than just what the dictionary and scientists say. Maybe our dreams have a way of letting us see out of this world and into the next. Maybe our loved ones come to us in our dreams to let us know that they still love us, they still are watching over us, and they are waiting to see us once again when our days on this earth are done. Maybe time like death is just an illusion and only love is real. I wish you all sweet dreams.


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