Thank You To The Customer Who Didn't Answer Their Door For Their Food

By A Friend • August 26, 2019

I work for Skip the Dishes (food delivery like Uber Eats or Doordash). If someone doesn't answer their door, we call. If they don't answer the call, we message support chat, and wait 7 mins while they try to contact them. If there is no answer after 7 minutes, we can keep the food and leave.

You ordered from subway. A foot long pulled pork sub, and a 6 inch pizza sub. 2 bags of chips, and 1 cookie.

Because of you, my family ate today. I was so excited, I ended my shift and drove right home. My boyfriend got half of the foot long and a bag of chips, my son got the pizza sub and half of my half of the footlong, as well as the chips and cookie. I got the remaining quarter of the foot long.

I am the sole provider and we are not doing well. I always short myself to try to get them what they need. I had to spend most of the grocery budget on bills this month just to keep the water on and keep my job. I haven't seen my son so excited in a long time, as he was to get 2 treats with his yummy sandwich.

I always feel bad when someone doesn't get their food. Fortunately, the customer gets credit so they can re-order the food again free of charge. I'm sure they were annoyed at me somehow, I normally get bad reviews when someone doesn't pick up their food, despite me doing everything I can, but I wish they knew what it did for me.


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