Have You Ever?

By A Friend • July 8, 2019

Have you ever been completely alone? Have you ever walked for hours on end with no goal in mind? Have you ever attempted to become better for yourself?

If you have never done any of these things you have yet to experience a totally different style of life. In our world people are never alone because of these little things called the internet. You can have thousands of friends that you have never met before. You talk with them as if you were best friends. Really though being completely alone does not always mean alone in person. If you have gone to another country where they speak a different language you experienced being alone mentally. With this it can be very difficult because you don’t know what. People are saying about you, or you don't know how to communicate without looking like some monkey.

What about walking? Have you every just walked and walked, and walked for hours on end without knowing where or when you will end up? People today don’t know how to take a break, its all about work and play.

Have you ever stopped and thought to your self why am I here? When you take a walk of solitude without a goal, you mind works differently. You start to appreciate the things around you that you might have never noticed before. You start to bond with the one who created you and everything else in this world. Its a relationship that you could never get on the internet or in a book. Not saying that these things aren’t useful, but everything has a time and a place.

For me I wish I never learned about the internet and the things it offers. I wish my friends didn’t think life was all about work. I wish I had the guts to just do it! Ascend that Mountain, Hike that trail, find that spot where the waves are perfect. Sometimes you just have to let go of the things of this world and explore, as they say “smell the roses”. I’m not saying drop everything, abandon your friends and family, or even do it right now. I am saying though that you need to make time for them, take your families with you, invite your friends whatever it takes to find yourself.

Now a days, everyone works, travels, and post pictures because they want others to know what they are doing.


If you are doing these things because you seek approval from you followers you need to rethink things. You should be posting because you want others to go there and see the beauty or because you want them to know that there is more to life. We need to better ourselves for ourselves not for others. Its sad to think that some people only see the world for the pictures for the truly beautiful things we see we should take a picture for ourselves, to never forget the time. We hiked that trial, or climbed that mountain. When I left for my new adventure in Ecuador I thought it was gonna be all fun and games more relaxed a time for me to explore.

I was wrong!

I realized that life is the same everywhere you go, people want to work, gain others approval, and stay home.


Invite everyone to play a sport with each other, put the phones away and live in the moment. Sometimes we try to plan everything we do but if you do this you are bound to miss things.

Just the other day I walked for over three hours just to see what Life was like in the center of the town I am in. As I was walking I noticed at every corner people selling stuff its how they make there money I understand that. But they all stand up and try to call you over to buy their stuff because the person right next to them selling the exact same stuff isn’t as good. Its the simple idea of Advertising and showing interest. If you are only showing interest because you want something from someone you have it all wrong.

Which takes me to my next point, if you want something or need something just ask. Don’t become friends and talk to a person because you want something from them. This will ruin a friendship before it even starts, you should want to get to know someone because you want to know what makes them beautiful.

Ask yourself Have I ever done this?

It's ok we all make mistakes but once you come to the understanding of this you will have better bonds with people and you will want to get to know others for them.

Have you ever waisted time? I know I have. I’m not happy about it either as a kid I played video games and now I wish I had spent all that time on something more productive. For example why play a video game when you can take that time to learn a new language or learn an instrument. There is so many more productive things we can do with our time and yet hours pass us while we look at social media.

I named this article Have You Ever? Because I want people to read this and ask themselves that exact question, think about it and make changes if necessary. Do not take my words as a criticism rather take these word to heart as a wake up call.

Ask yourself Have I Ever....?


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