A Single Butterfly

By Joseph J. Mazzella • July 6, 2019

It was a sweltering Spring day. The temperatures felt more like July than May. A thunderstorm had passed over earlier but now the clouds were clearing and the sun had returned. Steam was coming off the wet sidewalk as I parked my car next to the meter and tossed a quarter into it. I headed into the local thrift store to buy my son a shirt. The air conditioning in there was a welcome relief from the heat outside.

After I made my purchase I walked back out into the heat. I got in my car but had to wait to pull out because of all the cars lined up at the red stop light. I looked out of my car window and saw something on the pavement. A single butterfly was frantically fluttering its wings but not getting off the ground. It was right in front of a truck's tire too. Without thinking I got out of my car, held my hand up so the truck driver wouldn't move forward, and bent down to look at the butterfly. One of its legs was stuck in what looked like spilt soda. I reached down and gently as I could cupped the butterfly in my hands. I lifted its leg up and suddenly it was free. I opened my hands and up it flew towards the shining sun. My own eyes shined brighter and my own heart felt lighter as I watched it.

Now a lot of people might wonder why I would step out into traffic like that to rescue a single butterfly. All I can say is that my heart was guiding me at that moment. And when I was done I felt more like my true self than I had all day.

The truth is the closer you are to the Earth, the closer you come to Heaven. The more love that you share on this Earth, the more love you take with you to Heaven. And when you are one with God's creation, your are one with the One who created it. Fill your days with grace, goodness, oneness, and love then. And your heart will feel as light as a butterfly.


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