I Got A Compliment Today On A Thing That I Am Insecure About And It Feels Amazing!

By A Friend • June 24, 2019

I am a dark skinned girl living in a country which places white skinned people on a pedestal and looks down on people with even slightly dark skin tone.

Since I am very dark skinned, I tend to avoid wearing bright colors like white and yellow because they make me look even more darker.

However, I wore a white blouse today which I bought because it was so pretty that I just couldn't pass it up. I thought that even if it may not look good on me, it's still a good looking top and so I just wore it to work.

And a co-worker complimented me! She said "That top is really cute and White looks awesome on you!"

I turned into a puddle. I am feeling good about myself ever since.

Guys, Please just wear whatever you want! If you like it, you should wear it! Don't be so insecure that you might miss something good!


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