Believe In People

By Judith Maduhu • June 24, 2019

After I graduated from the university, I got so pressured in finding a job. I did a lot of applications both online and handing in person to a particular company. It occurred, one day I went to hand in my CV to a certain company and I wanted to meet the Human resource manager in person because I believed it was the best option than leaving my CV at the reception.

Unfortunately, in this company the security lady at the reception did not allow me to see the human resource manager and instead asked me to just leave the CV with her and that she would deliver it. I was really disappointed since I knew she wouldn't do that and my CV will just be thrown in the trash can, I thought so because it usually happens a lot in some other companies. So I just left with my head down and never thought about it again since I knew I would never get any feedback from the company.

Weeks passed and one day I received a call from an unknown number and guess was the human resource manager of that same company, I was really shocked since I did not expect it at all. So he said he received my CV and that he would work on it.

I was so happy and felt bad at the same time for doubting the security lady the other day.

This humbled me and it was a reminder to believe in people and not assume things just because of the norm.


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