Man Pays Random Table's $400+ Bill And Leaves Without Recognition

By A Friend • June 6, 2019

Today, a man alone at the restaurant I work at took care of a bill for a party of 17 next to him that was mostly kids and 5 or 6 adults.

He was not in my section but I figured I’d help out my coworker and see if he wanted to pay since she was very busy. I asked if he was ready for the bill after his meal and he said "Can you keep a secret? Give me that tables bill and don’t tell them until I leave that I paid it"

I was taken aback because I knew their bill had come out to $400+. I asked him if he was sure and he just asked me to bring it. I brought his bill and the other tables bill and he just handed me his credit card without even looking at the bills. He had no clue how big either of the checks were.

He ended up leaving a $100 tip on the $400 bill and a $20 tip on his $50 bill. Before leaving, he asked me to do him one favor: tell the adults at the table to please teach their kids to do one act of random kindness a day. He walked out and the party was absolutely shocked by what had happened when they later found out. Made my entire week.


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