Sub Shop Kindness

By Beth • May 13, 2019

In Glen Arbor, Texas, my family of 6 stopped at a small sub shop.

The worker struck up a conversation with us and asked us what we were doing for the day. We explained that we were thinking about going to a wildlife nature park in which you must remain in your car for a self-guided tour, but it was fairly expensive and wondering if it was worth it.

He said that he had gone there several years ago and it was good, but it seemed expensive then to pay $25 per car.

I said that this price seemed cheap now, as now they were requiring you to pay roughly $25 per person.

He could not believe that to be true as it would make difference to the company if there were 2 people or 10 people in the car, as you never leave the car.

I agreed with his logic, but the prices are what they are.

He left us to make the food.

When we were done eating, he said that he found a way to get one person in free. I thought that since he lived in this town, maybe he knew about how to get a discount ticket.

Then he said that he was covering the total cost for our meal! I tried hard to give him some money, but he insisted that he only wanted a thank you.

This experience restored my belief that there are kind strangers out there.


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