A 5 Year Old Little Boy Asked For Help When His Great Grandmother Fell Down

By A Friend • May 4, 2019

I was at the local gas station getting a sandwich. The girl behind the counter is one of my friends girlfriends so I'm standing there shooting the breeze when I feel a tug on my hoodie sleeve.

I look down and this little guy says "my grandma fell down and hurt her knees."

I follow him outside and an older woman is sitting on the curb kind of shakin. At this point there were a couple of people making sure she was ok.

I had him come back inside with me to get a cup of water. When we got back outside she had caught her breath and had a minute to calm down.

He did not hesitate when his grandma was in trouble and got help as soon as he could.

In my mind it took real bravery for him to reach out to people he didn't know to help her when she was in need.

Bless his heart.


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