Random Acts Of Real

By Berry Accius • April 30, 2019

You don't need to know them to show them some love.....

Seen a group of 15 youngin from my Hidden Gems Thrift Store in the parking lot acting like some young teens do.

I 1st approached them about the noise level and the rock throwing in the parking lot.

They listened but I could see they didn't fully grasp what I had to say.

20mins later my landlord is now talking to them.

He trying to explain the errors of their current behavior.

I soon joined him in the discussion as we both pointed out the greatness each individual possessed.

Still hammering the message this is a business incubator not a playground.

I then told everyone give me 20mins I will get you all McDonald's! 🙂😋🙂😊

Now we really talking they're language.

One teen asked...."you mean we can order anything we want?"

I replied "why not."

With a puzzled stare he said thank you.

I replied "You're welcome I got your back!"

If we are to be this village that we seek. These challenging moments don't become a challenge they become a part of the build.

The Thank you is enough for my generosity.

Countine to show these youngin you care.

I don't have to know you to show you.

I love you.


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