The Pure Joy And Delight On Our Son's Face Was Priceless

By Elisabeth Fraser Au-Yeung • April 30, 2019

Today we had a hero join us for our son's 5th birthday.

Our son Henry has neurological and speech disorders.

He hasn't had the chance to meet many friends yet because he's in intensive speech, OT, swim and riding lessons/therapy most of the week.

He just started preschool this year and is making good progress.

Anyway, we worried that today on his birthday very few people would show up and his heart would be broken.

By way of background, Henry's week and his greatest joy revolves around garbage truck day, which is Wednesday, and seeing his "best friend" Richard driving by and saying hello.

Well—today, on his birthday, our "friend" took time away from his family to come drive his "truck" to our house to surprise Henry.

The pure joy on our son's face is something that we will always carry with us.

Henry got to "work" the controls on the truck and even "help" to drive it around the neighborhood.

I had such emotion today and even tears as Henry delighted in seeing "his" truck today.

I know y'all would "get" the joy and how deeply touched I was by this act of compassion.

Have a great Sunday and I hope you can "pay it forward" with showing random acts of kindness to others.


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