Spreading Love For Good Dogs

By Ariel • March 31, 2019

This just recently happened to me. A bit of backstory that's important: my family has always been poor, but we are a very close knit family, who loves our animals above any possessions. Now this January, things went south for our family, taking us from just poor, to homeless and having lost everything everything except for our animals. It was a cold winter in ND and we had no choice but to move south, and try and make things work. By some miracle, my grandma and I were able to get a place, and have my two beautiful German Shepherd there with us. Unfortunately, about a week into living there, all funds were gone, and my dog food was running out.

We called all over town, trying to find someone. Anyone! Nobody would even consider doing a charge account to get the dogs food, and nobody that wasn't a store, such as the churches in town, were willing to help with pets.

I started feeding my dogs the very little human food I had in the house because they were out! I was so scared that they weren't getting enough nutrition. Even worse...my female was pregnant and needed extra nutrition. I can't even begin to tell you the fear and devastation I felt. I was having nightmares about losing her, or her getting super sick, and the male eventually following in her footsteps. My dogs are everything to me. Then...our saving grace. We called one last place in town, a small chain farm equipment and animal supply store, similar to Runnings or Tractor Supply Co.

There, our angel, my angel, answered the phone. She checked if she could do a charge...and she couldn't. Then she checked on dog food prices, and told us what they were.

Then, this sweet girl, around the same age that I am, so just barely an adult, told me she had extra money, and she would buy the dog food for me. She didn't even ask to be paid back (though of course I am, because she deserves that and more!).

When I heard that, I started crying. My fears were allayed, my dogs would be fed properly, and all because this young woman paid for it out of her own pocket. She doesn't know me, I could have been anybody. But she said "I just feel so bad for your dogs. I know what its like, especially with just having moved. I knew since I had a bit of extra money, I just had to do something."

This young woman, whose name I don't even know, will always be my angel, and the angel to my dogs as well. I still tear up when I think about it, especially today as I look at the newborn pups, and realize, I wouldn't have them, nor my adult dogs anymore, if not for her.

This young woman who helped me, deserves all of the best karma there is. And prayers too. She saved my dogs' lives, and mine as well. Because without my dogs, my life would never be the same.


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