My Stepdad

By Rick • March 5, 2019

When I was 16 (I'm now in my thirties) my now stepfather had been dating my mother for about a week, my mother and I had a massive row and she ended up kicking my the house (looking back I deserved it) my stepfather who I didn't know had been in hospital having lost three pints of blood due to a perforated hernia, discharged himself from hospital when he found this out.

He drove the streets of the town I was living in till he found me and took me to lunch, he sat down and talked through my options and choices I had ahead of me, He helped me enrol in further education and get set up somewhere to live. He gave me some financial support and my mother and I made up about a year later.

This man didn't know me, he barely knew my mother, he went out of his way for no other reason than to see me safe.

To this day this is a secret only him and I know. He never told anyone.

I owe my life to this man.


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