Angel Hands?

By Rick • February 25, 2019

Here's a story I collected from a total stranger when I asked if she believed in angels... "Well, I know I have one. I was 11 when my family arrived at Fern lake overlook on Trail Ridge road in Rocky mountain national park. It was so beautiful to look miles across the Rockies and thousands of feet below into the valley. My parents were busy getting lunch out of the trunk so I climbed over the wooden fence to get closer to the cliff edge for a better view.

I started down a little hill but soon started sliding on loose pebble rocks. I fell on my butt, but kept going faster and faster to what seemed the edge of the world (a 2,000 foot drop). In seconds I knew I was going to die. My feet and legs went first over the edge at a high speed. Then suddenly I felt two hands push hard on my chest and stopped me dead. My heart was racing and I slowly inched my body back to where I finally could make it back up the hill. My father was waiting there and screaming at me for doing such a dangerous stunt. I tried to tell him and my mom about the angel's hands that saved my life, but to this day they don't believe me. They thought I was just trying to get out of trouble with a made up story."

We parted ways, but I assured her that I believed every word of her story. Angels are real and many have personal proof. That's why I always ask people to share their miracles. Each real story makes my day.


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