Learning A Lesson

By A Friend • February 18, 2019

I was at a Barnes and Nobles with my husband and kids. My oldest is 13 and he decided to sit in the magazine section to read some books. I noticed some homeless guys in that area but they seemed pretty harmless and didn't seem to be bothering anyone.

When we were checking out to buy some books I saw one of them coming up to us and thought to myself 'here goes, he is going to ask for some money'.

Instead he held out my sons iPhone and asked if one of us had lost it. I was so stunned I barely thanked him and he just walked back to where he had been sitting.

When I got over my shock I took my son and got a 25$ Barnes and Nobles gift certificate that could also be used at the attached Starbucks cafe. I was very proud of how my son walked over, introduced himself and thanked him with the card. He was so respectful and appreciative. I'm still kicking myself for not giving 50$.


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