She's One In A Million!

By Gayathri.M • February 7, 2019

As she looked into that cute face with the devilishly lit up eyes and impish grin that stretched wide across her face, she realized another adventure was in due! From baking cakes to bedtime stories, our grandma will always be our constant companion! Every moment spent with her is a pleasure and form beautiful memories to be cherished for the future.

She is our savior while facing our angry mom, the best narrator of everything from soap operas to movies, the most awesome cook and most importantly, the one who can always make us smile! Every situation in life can easily be handled, just by spending a few moments with this special person.

She is the one who is a perfect example of selfless love, which is the most purest of all forms. No matter how old we grow, we will always be grandma's little princess forever!

She is a part of our childhood that stays along with us and will always be the one closest to our heart and our best friend forever!


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