Today I Learned To Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

By A Friend • January 19, 2019

I am a 27 year old trying to go back to college after a long break from any formal schooling. I am taking a college algebra class and struggling to keep up. I sit behind a young man who upon first glance looks like a thug or overall someone I would never think would be able to help me learn algebra. I was dead wrong. Today in class we were learning linear regression which requires a lot of specific inputs on a graphing calculator. I kept getting a number that was thousands off of the correct answer.

The “thug” that sits in front of me turns around and says “I got you bro. Let me see what you got.”

After about 5 minutes I was crushing these regression formulas. Now I know to never make a judgement on someone because of how they look/dress.

TL;DR: I dismissed a classmate in my college algebra class because of their appearance and was very wrong about my initial judgement.


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