Learning ASL For A Stranger On The Train

By Wayne • January 10, 2019

This is a comment on a YouTube video tutorial for learning American Sign Language.

"There is a guy who i see on my train every morning, he always sits alone, never speaks to anyone and never listens to music. around 8 days ago i noticed he was facetiming a friend and using signs. after he hung up he looked so sad, i tried to ask him if he was ok, but we could understand each-other. so i put my hand on his shoulder and just smiled.....i felt so helpless to help, and its started to eating away at me how alone and isolated he must have felt.

So i started staying up a few hours on a night after work to learning asl and this is one of the first videos i used... this morning was the first time i said hello to him and asked him how he was.. the shocked smile he had on his face made all the late nights and tired days worth while, needless to say it wasnt much of a convo but he got his phone out and typed out a message and handed me the phone, it just said "thank you" and has i looked up he seemed proud of me and remembered our last encounter. so thank you for helping me be a better person."


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