To Those Who Helped My Family In New Mexico

By A Friend • December 31, 2018

My family lives in Las Vegas, where I can barely remember the last time it snowed. We also didn't get the names of the men who helped us.

In my parents BMW (my mom got a great deal on it) we had been driving to Albuquerque, New Mexico from Texas after a week of visiting family and friends after 15 years of not seeing them. On the road, we had begun to notice snow flurries and soon, as we got closer to Albuquerque, full-on snow piles littered the sides of the roads.

We had a quick stop at Clines Corners Rest Area, and went back on the road. However, we missed the road to merge onto the freeway, and had just continue straight to try and find a place to U-turn. We saw these signs that said that only official personnel can use the middle portion to U-turn. We started to get worried that we wouldn't make it to Albuquerque, so we decided to risk getting stuck in the middle portion to try and turn around.

Slowly, we drove into the snow filled "median" (I don't know what they call it here as they don't have these kinds of highways in Las Vegas). At first it had seemed like we would make it, and we almost did. Right at the edge of the "median" we lost traction. My sister and I got out to try and push the car, but it wouldn't work. In the words of my sister, "this is how horror movies start."

Thank God for it not being so late that people weren't on the road. At first we used our bare hand to try and signal a car to help us, he looked at us and continued driving, but I understand. He looked like he had also was on a trip with his family. Then, we saw another car and grabbed our phones and waved them with the flashlight on.

A hispanic man in a truck about the same height as I am, around 5' 9", maybe in his early 30s (I'm sorry if I got your features wrong) stopped to try and help us. Despite him not having any tools to help us, he still tried to help us push our car back onto the road.

After several attempts, another truck saw us. They initially had passed us, but someone in that car insisted the driver to back up and help. Two white men, large build, taller than I, probably also in their 30s, got out and grabbed their shovel.

They knew exactly what to do, shoveling the snow out, and revealing a pathway of pavement for our tires to drive on. They even told my dad to steadily accelerate, specifically saying to not floor it. With the help of them and the man, our car finally made it back on the road.

To those three who helped my family, I sincerely thank you for helping us. Even though we didn't get your names, I hope that somehow this reaches you, and you understand that you saved my family, and my two dogs, from a potentially life-threatening situation.


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