Down The Memory Lane

By Gayathr. M • December 7, 2018

The room was dusty and dark, with a slight hint of cobwebs on the ceiling. This wasn't a surprise, for it had been a long time since she had visited that room. A sudden spree of renovation had brought her back to this particular place. Little did she know that this visit would change her life in ways she had never imagined...

Pushing her way through the dingy room, she felt around for the light,which flooded the dusty room with a warm glow. A sudden glimpse of the room around her came as a huge surprise, for it was filled with memories of her beautiful childhood. With a sudden twinge of excitement combined with a feeling of happiness, she went through those beautiful memories that gave her heart a jolt, as it sent her down the memory lane into a carefree world, filled with peace and happiness.

There were those comics of hers, that were her sole companion of adventure and excitement on all those never ending train journeys...on the other end was her diary, filled with crazy adventures that she had planned to do as soon as she "grew up"! Her slam book was filled with crazy thoughts,jokes and memories of all her childhood friends.

Suddenly, she was hit by a wave of nostalgia, as she remembered those days...where the main reason getting up early on Saturdays was to catch her favorite cartoon characters on TV, who only gave their special presence at 6 am in the morning!! Or all those yummy baking experiments with grandma, where licking cake batter off the spoon was much more fun than baking the actual cake! Best of all was summer vacation, where the whole day was spent playing downstairs with all her friends, that ended up till late at night, where her mom had to eventually drag her back home so that she could rest for another action packed day....

As a sudden mist filled her eyes, she realized that the fast paced world around her had made her forget those little things...for sometimes it is these small things, that occupy the biggest place in our hearts. Suddenly, she felt two soft hands gently press her eyes from behind. As she turned around to face her little daughter, she realized that God had given her a second chance, to relive her life once again!


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