Local Bookstore Review

By Leslie • December 3, 2018

I came home for Thanksgiving and my sister brought a foster child with her last minute. We were doing Christmas at Thanksgiving and this foster boy requested books by a certain author and Japanese comics. I looked at Walmart and found nothing. I forgot it was Thanksgiving Day but googled 'bookstore in Bradford' and On The Side came up. It said it opened at 11 am so I called. I asked the guy what time they were open until and he said they aren't open because it's Thanksgiving but he had gone there to turn on the heater. He was kind enough to open the store on the holiday so I could give this foster boy a great Christmas! They had the whole series of the author and almost the whole collection of Japanese comics. The smile on the foster boy's face was priceless!

Thank you to the owners and those friendly kitties who made me laugh while I was there!


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