A Break In The Clouds

By Joseph J. Mazzella • November 20, 2018

It had been cloudy, chilly, rainy and gray for three days. It was November. The colorful Autumn leaves had reached their peak and were now falling fast. The hillsides were dotted with the skinny skeletons of bare trees. I pulled my jacket tighter around me as I walked through the gusty winds and saw the leaves swirling to the ground. I tried to smile but couldn't. In spite of delightful intentions the dark, dreary days were dragging me down.

I walked on through the wet leaves while my shoes slowly got soaked. My cold toes didn't bother me as much as my damp spirits. My body was tired. My energy was low. And my soul seemed weary as well. Suddenly, though, I felt something warm. A break in the clouds had appeared and sunbeams were streaking through it down to the earth once again. I closed my eyes and turned my face to the sweet sunshine. It's warmth washed over me. It was like getting a kiss from Heaven. I looked around and saw the remaining leaves on the trees sparkling in the sunlight. It made their colors even more bright and beautiful. I felt my spirits rising again as well. I smiled and thanked God for this everyday miracle. Those few minutes of light had filled me with joy. I felt renewed, ready to bring light and love to the world myself once again. I walked back home grateful to God and amazed at what a little break in the clouds can do.

In our lives here we all are faced with times when the world seems cold, dark, and gray. It is in these times when God calls on us to break through the clouds ourselves and share our light with the world. It doesn't take much either. A simple hug, a kind word, a caring note can warm and uplift another's spirits. A helping hand, a shared smile, a tiny act of love can shine light into another's heart. When the gray days come then don't just sit in the dark. Break through the clouds! Share your love! Let God's light shine through you!


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