Behind Our Setbacks

By Little June • November 19, 2018

My story starts when I started working abroad.I'm a nurse by profession. Before my friend and I left, we were told that we will only be having working permit. It was only after a few days of working that we realized that its a pass intended for low income earners. We already know that our salary is low but we were thinking if we will work in the wards, there's night differential, meal allowances, etc. To our surprise we were assigned in an outpatient clinic which means fixed salary. As day passed by, we learned to accept our situation. We started exploring the beautiful and safe country. We experienced the good part of our job which is weekends off, great colleagues and a sound sleep at night.

Holy Week of 2010 when my life started to change immensely. I attended a service at a Christian church and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior on that same day. The transition wasn't smooth since I'm a Catholic. There were a lot of but's and why's. To make the story short I was water baptized, attended camps and life groups, did evax on Sunday's, became a part of the dance and ushering ministry and was one of the core team. I gave my whole life to the church and in return got disconnected with my family. I felt like I was already contented and happy with my life to the point of not prioritizing and passing my application to Canada. But nothing lasts forever.

End of 2014 when I encountered a lot of challenges all at once. I didn't like the kind of life that I'm having in the church because of misunderstandings and conflicts. I kept on remembering my ex boyfriend which make me cry at times and I changed career which got me stressed each day. To some, these maybe easy things but for me it feels like I have nowhere to run. Like I don't belong to that world. I can't keep up anymore so we decided that maybe it's better for me to go back to my homeland for good.

My point is despite all the twists and turns, the disappointments and trials, the ups and downs, God has a perfect plan for all of us. It may not be the way we want it to be but one things for sure. It's always for our own good. My ex boyfriend whose the reason of my crying moments is my husband now. He just answered my deepest prayer which is to end up with him. I'm happily living with my family who loves me unconditionally. They are my inspiration and source of strength to do better each day.I'm also in a new field which is teaching. I'm loving every moment of it. It feels great to share knowledge and help someone improve in different ways.

Love your family. They are God's greatest gift to you.

Love your job. It's never just about the money but growth, opportunity and maturity.

Mostly, love GOD. He is the only One who makes all things possible.


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