Blessing In Disguise

By Maite Dela Luz • November 10, 2018

Never did I imagine I would land into a place that I used to hate the most. I could only remember those times when all my plans were set for my american dreams. But God I guess must have been teaching me something, something that I could always value throughout my life.

My coming here in Saudi Arabia (KSA) turned to be a blessing in disguise. I have learned many things about life: its significance, values, its real meaning and purpose.

One of those values is PATIENCE.

I have realized I have been very impatient for the past years of my life. As a result, I have made wrong decisions. And out of impulsivity, I have forgotten to weigh things out and missed many opportunities and learnings, life has offered me. When I got here, everything and everyone was completely different. I had to deal with different kinds of people from different countries with the strangest and weirdest kind of attitudes and personalities. In my assigned area, I struggled so hard to accept the new roles and responsibilities that our SV has given me. I could not change the situation but I could change my attitude and I had to be patient for everything. Then not too long, I found myself doing my job happily, enjoying every minute of my day. As with my colleagues, I have shared friendship with them and everything turns out just fine. Being patient is something that I have just grasped learned.

Second is the value of RESPECT. Living in a country with a strict and confining rules is the most challenging experience one can ever have. Who wouldn't want freedom? Who would not want a life that's freely lived? My democratic world back home has mostly made the foundations of my attitude, character and beliefs. It has formed and made me the person that I am now. Yet despite of it, it was not hard for me to embrace the way people here have lived their lives. I understand that it is what has made them the PEOPLE of this place. I may not like their culture or tradition but that doesn't make them any less and still they deserve my RESPECT.

The most significant, and the most wonderful experience I have in here is JOY OF LIVING CONTENTMENT.

I am a big dreamer. I have high ambitions in life mainly for my family. I used to believe that I could only achieve my goals by studying hard and working hard. I graduated in my nursing course but that did not make me happy and proud enough for I believe this would only be fulfilled if my biggest dream would come true. I never got satisfied with what I had, with my job. I had this strong interest in living and working in US or European countries. I gave my all. I did my best. I was going there but GOD drove my wheel and took a U-turn, from USA to KSA. That's how I ended up in here and my new life has begun. For two years that I have been living in this foreign place, God has taught me how to live a simple life, how to appreciate every single thing that I possess, and be grateful with the kind of life that I have right now and that what matters most I guess.


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