Love Is Meant To Be Failed

By Sonia Kaur • November 1, 2018

Love is meant to be failed!


Why love is meant to be failed? Have you ever thought about this? May be yes or may be no. OK, what I have thought about this is, why our love fails? Whenever we fall in love we forget everything. Yes everything, even our own self as well. This is the one of the main reasons for life failure. Now you must be thinking how? Everything is important in our life. Mother, father, our studies, friends, siblings etc, and we always ignore these things after getting committed. Think about it.

The first and very important reason for the failure of love is to forget almighty god. God has given us so much. Forgetting him means being ungrateful to him. A wise man says "He has given us air to breath at free of cost." If you forget him people will forget you. What you give to god eventually you receive the same from the world.

There are also others love in our life which never fails. Have you ever heard about our love with parents is failed or love with friends or sibling failed. No, this kind of love never gets failed because we give them their quality of time but while commitment with boy or a girl we start ignoring everything. Girls become careless in their studies. Both boys and girls are talking on the phone all day, they start daydreaming and forget that besides loving there is a lot more to do in life. There are many more things in life that we need, responsibility for our family and further education. I just wanna to say to girls that "boys are not the end." Stop waiting for the phone calls and chase your dreams.

One more reason of getting love failed is over possessiveness. Why to rule on other's life. Do we like others to rule on us? Now what is this matter that you love whom, you have the right on hi. Or her. His or her freedom is your right. If he or she goes anywhere, he or she should tell you. Common guys! What is this? This is not love. Love means to respect each other's feelings, emotions, give space to each other.

For girls "never challenge boy's ego."

For boys " never hurt girl's emotions.

If we understand this little matter then no love would be failed. Believe me.

So much of expectations. You all know that in every relation there are some expectations. Some expectations are necessary for every relation but so much of expectations can destroy your relationship.

One of the major reason for failing a relationship is girl's habit of challenging boys and boy's habit of hurting girl's emotion. Respect each and every single thing and the main thing is this when you are in a relationship then you are not forcibly to put into a relationship. Every relation becomes with the consent of both the side then why to challenge and why to hurt. Respect is an important aspect of every relationship.

Love means spirit of giving. Give love and respect, give happiness, give whatever you have and whatever you can. Start giving and start enjoying your relation.

People please adjust if you are in a relationship because one cannot adjust alone. The train runs on the track and the track are made of two iron rods. Roads never interact with each other, even though the train runs on them easily, it is the same in life.

Two people are totally different, but they together live in a house. Why? Because of mutual love, mutual understanding, mutual adjustments and sacrifices for each other etc.


Respect love because only fortunate gets true love and What is the benefit of repenting later?


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