A Prime Example Of Why One Shouldn't Judge People

By Laura B. • December 4, 2013

Sometimes it pays to be nice. I just had a client that I'm sure no one in their right mind would have taken (I'm a hair stylist). He had long knotted hair, no teeth, carrying his life basically in bags with him.

Immediately I think he's homeless or on drugs and isn't going to pay, but he caught me on a good day. So I said let me just be nice to this poor man and fix his hair up.

After a few uncomfortable comments and inappropriateness while I'm shampooing him I powered through and fixed him all up. He paid for his haircut , spent $60 in retail and even tipped me $40. A few horrific kisses on my cheek and hand, and he even told me he's making me a leather purse for Christmas.

A prime example of why one shouldn't judge people I guess... All in all it feels good to make someone's day.


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