The Owner Of The Store I Work At Is Such A Great Guy

By Nella • October 10, 2018

Today, I needed to pay cash for some medication I absolutely cannot go without. (Prior authorization fun for a medication I've been on for 5 years. Insurance sees it as new...) I realized this morning I was $40 short and had no idea how I was gonna make it work. I went into work early to ask my boss to borrow the money until payday. (He has done this before for me). The owner of the store was there when I went in. I was so embarrassed. The owner asked me what I needed the money for and I told him. He reaches into his own pocket, pulls out $40 and tells me not to worry about paying it back. Absolutely amazing guy. I got out to my car and started crying. We need more business owners like him. People who care about their employees and take care of them like they are family.


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