Yam Leaves

By Bright Baffoe • September 12, 2018

As I am on my way going to see my landlady last Saturday, I saw a beautiful garden with many well grown yam plants. The broad surfaces of the leaves of the yam plants and the heights of the yam shoots climbed and spread over tall trees attracted me to look at the plants without making any movement. While picturing the plants, this question came through my mind, "why yam leaves which were very common to me in the past have now become something new to me today...?"

There, I remembered what my nana once told me when he and I were working back in his farm at our village. At that very moment I realized the yam leaves with which its beautification attracted me, were rather not interested in me for their aesthetic features but rather communicating with me to draw my attention to my nana's words of encouragement he once gave me in the past and to also see how far indeed God has brought me. I realized the yam leaves were rather telling me to see how good it is to receive words of blessings and encouragements from others but not their beauty. I realized it wasn't about their aesthetic feature but to let me also know how good it is to do what we can possibly do to help our fellow human at anywhere and at anytime. I realized it wasn't about their beauty but rather telling me to be always encouraged and be strengthened when doing anything good for others. I realized it wasn't about their beautification but rather telling me to sometimes set my mind back to see my journey so far in life. I also realized it wasn't about their beautification but were rather letting me also know truly that God doesn't only speak to us through our fellow human but also through His other creatures sometimes.

God is good. Whatever He says he will, he does (Numbers 23:19). Lets have hope in the Lord and never be discouraged in doing anything now for our own self or others rightfully no matter what, for that may not be our end... Thank you God.


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