You're Worth Fighting For!

By Jenni • September 8, 2018

I've been sad lately thinking about my life and how much I've let God down. I've been feeling pretty worthless and just feeling like I'll probably be one of those that God doesn't want. The thing is I confessed this to my husband last night and I cried. He comforted me and told me I was a good woman and I was worth fighting for speaking of God. It was all too nice. But it wasn't from God and probably wouldn't have sustained me for long.

My daughter came to wake me up this morning. First thing she said to me was you're a good woman. Now she tells me I'm a good mom but never a good woman. She told me this twice and then said you're going to heaven. I said ok, dad told you to tell me that stuff didn't he? She said no! I didn't believe her as much as she continued to tell me this. I thought for sure she was lying to me and I told her as much. I asked her if she was secretly awake when dad and I talked last night and she said no. How she could have even heard all of it is beyond me anyway. We weren't close to the bedroom door.

I called my husband and told him that he told her to say those things and he confirmed he hadn't. It made me cry to know that God loved me so much to work through others and their words to confirm that I am truly loved by Him and that He does want me. I'm getting a little teary eyed just typing. God is so good. He's reached out to me many times but this really threw me for a loop.


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