Write It Well

By Joseph J. Mazzella • September 3, 2018

I realized something this morning. I have been writing now for 34 years. It all started when I was just 18 years old. As a boy growing up I had read literally hundreds of books. I had read mysteries, histories, Science Fiction, thrillers, text books, and the Bible. I had read on every subject I could. I had a thirst for knowledge that seemingly could never be quenched. Then suddenly I found that I too had something that I wanted to write and share. I wanted to share something positive, encouraging, and uplifting. I wanted to share something that would be full of goodness, love, joy, and happiness. I tried to ignore it, but as any writer will tell you once the ideas awaken inside of you they won't leave you alone until you write them down. I didn't have a computer, word processor, or even a typewriter. Still, I grabbed a pen and lined notebook paper and wrote everything that was burning inside of me.

When I was done I didn't know how to share it. There was no internet back then, no smart phones, and no social media. I sought out the editor of my local county newspaper and asked him to please print what I had written. He was a good man full of both wisdom and kindness. He not only printed my first story but agreed to publish anything else I was willing to write. After that, of course, there was no stopping me. I continued to write new articles each week and shared them first with other local papers and later online as well. Years later at the urging of my readers I even self-published two collections of my stories in book form.

Through my writing too I slowly became more than I was. In my writings I encountered my highest self. In my writings I discovered the goodness and light that lies in us all. In my writings I continued to grow closer and closer to God and discovered the endless Love that He has for us all. In my writings I found great love and joy and encouraged others to choose love and joy as well. I also found that we all are writers whether we put pen to paper or not. With every choice we make, with every thought we think, and with every thing we do we are writing our own life story.

Lance Wubbels once wrote: "I hope you realize your life is truly your life. It belongs to you. It is your story to write with love. Day by day, line by line, write it well."


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