Why I Choose To Be Happy

By Nick • August 31, 2018

Hello! This is a first for me I'm not a writer in any sense so please bear with me. I'm writing this because I want to get my story out there and hopefully help and inspire one person out there..maybe make a difference in thier lives so here goes nothing!

Happiness is a choice at least for me, I made the choice when I was 14 I was heavily abused from the age of 6 up until 13 when my mother finally found out and came to rescue me. I spent two years being angry at the entire world for everything that had happened. I had no friends at my new school. I was outcast and called strange because of my small frame dark eyelids and yellow teeth. I remember being so angry about everything.. I took off on my bike and I rode..I rode until I thought my legs would give out.I stopped at a field to rest and I remember just sitting there catching my breath watching the sunset and watching the grass sway back and fourth in the wind. That is when I made my choice I decided in that very moment that I was going to be happy because life as chaotic and shitty as it was at the time,it was beautiful. I wasnt going to care about what had happened to me I decided to learn from it and not be the person my father turned me into or take up his mentality. I wasnt going to care anymore about what other people thought they didnt really know me what was the point right? Because I have to live with me and dictate how I want my life to go because I only have one. It is hard..it is difficult at times absolutley! I have lost people that I thought I loved. I have quit very well paying jobs that I thought I loved but at the end of the day I was not happy... look inside of yourself truly think about it and find what truly makes you happy. When you have decided on a path pursue it, it might not be easy you may have to work a job you arent happy with you might feel hopeless you might lose someone you think you love and endure heartbreak. Just remember learn from these they are lessons to be learned on your road to being happy and always take steps to move yourself where you want to be.


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