Portland Resident Turns 102 - Isn't Slowing Down Anytime Soon

By Kate Peterson • August 29, 2018

Betty Thompson, a longtime resident of Rose Villa, has always been one to shatter stereotypes. In 1943, she fearlessly joined the Marine Corps at a time when women were needed most. Not only did she train male pilots how to fly – a task that at the time made men uncomfortable – she quickly worked her way up to lead the ranks. Obtaining a leadership position in a short period of time was not only commendable but revolutionary for a woman during that time.

In August, Betty celebrated her 102nd birthday. Although she needs a walker to get around, she isn’t slowing down anytime soon. She’s an active participant in the Rose Villa community and keeps herself busy by participating in their onsite meditation classes, fitness classes and attends social activities including the bi-annual Drag Show, a resident favorite! Next week she plans to celebrate another year around the sun by taking an introductory computer class for the blind. Yes, even at 102 she continues to break stereotypes and push herself to continue learning. Happy Birthday, Betty!


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