Stories Based On Sixteen Words

By Anjali Mohapatra • August 2, 2018

All stories are different from each other in respect of contents, words and themes too. These are few stories based in sixteen words exactly. Kindly have a look:

Money, power and position are three most powerful weapons for the downfall of anybody in this Universe.

Knowledge is the only property which increases its value the more you give, rather than decreasing. (by Chanakya)

Past is gone, future is uncertain, so it is better to focus in present time ‘Now’.

Don’t do anything which will put you in ‘point of no return!’ and regret for lifelong!

When asked about the beauty, a child defined her mother, ‘The most beautiful woman in this Universe.’

Family, friend, foes all are illusions, because nobody will be with you when you will die!

I regretted when I screamed at a stranger saying, ‘You blind fool!’ and truly he was!

You get satisfaction when you valued one, but dissatisfied when that value comes down to zero.


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