People Are Placed In Your Life For A Reason

By Amanda87 • November 27, 2013

I came from a home where my mother has always loved me unconditionally. She was a mom that would do anything to makes her kids happy. My dad was not as attentive as she was but through the years we always had some sort of connection. I always wished our connection was as strong as my mothers and mine. When I grew up and got married, the relationship between my dad and I, seemed to diminish even more. Now he truly liked my husband, and my husband is a good man so that was never an issue. Four years onto our marriage, we have two beautiful children and a loving family home. My dad and my relationship grew even more distant than before. When grand kids came into the picture, you would imagine it would draw your family closer together, but the opposite happened. I think of my dad daily and always talk to God. There was hurt, anger, sadness, and a whole range of mixed emotions in my prayers to God. Knowing that it wasn't right for me to have the anger of any sort, but I never understood why my dad couldn't be in our lives like I wanted him to so desperately be. I realized I had been praying all wrong. When I decided to start praying for peace and comfort, God gave me a door to open. I started seeing things in a brighter light and all the joys I have in life started to shine through. I realized that God gives you people in your life that makes up for the ones that are not there; My stepfather for instance. He is a dad to me, that I never had. One that I believe is more than any dad I know. He gives me that unconditional love that I know comes from his heart. My father-in-law (along with my mother-in-law) were placed in my life for the exact same reason. He is a good man that treats me as if I'm his daughter. I not only got blessed with one good father figure, but two. They love my children and are there for them unconditionally, just as my mom is to me. I realize now, these are the father figures God placed in my life for this reason; to show my family and me the unconditional love of what having a father is all about. When you think something does not go just how you plan, God always has a new door waiting for you to open. There is light that you never knew existed until you open up your mind in prayer.


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