Miracles Happen Every Day

By Judith Maduhu • July 8, 2018

I don't know how you'll call this encounter but personally it's my small miracle. Today was a report submission day at our University, so everyone was to submit their report to the school coordinator. The coordinator is known to be a very strict man with a questionable personality (cautious about small things, harsh and incorrigible). So when a person went to collect the report, he would cross check it over and over again to make sure all the details put in place have been followed. Many of my friends were being returned back over small mistakes to change their reports, it occurred that my report was also not perfect as the way he wanted it and my friends told me not to even go submit and that I should rectify it first. In my heart I just whispered a short three word prayer, "God help me" and went to the coordinators office without changing anything because I really was tired, had no enough money to re-print my report again, so I took a risk and went on ahead. Reaching the office, he took my report and started crosschecking it, here is where the miracle happened because he did not notice the mistakes I made but instead congratulated me for a nice report and even shook my hand. My heart was so full and I ran out of words because it was just too good to be true, my friends were out waiting and they hardly believed everything I told them. This reminded me that our God is always in control and He listens to every sincere prayer, above all we should always be reminded that we are surrounded by miracles everywhere and this noisy world should not deafen our ears and blind our eyes from enjoying and soaring in it all.


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