Boy Gets Free Ice Cream After Saving This Man's Life

By Sipley Whackerman • July 1, 2018

I was biking home from school one day and the ice cream truck is where it normally is and I always go and get an ice cream, but I was worried that something was wrong when I saw a huge line of people waiting in line and the man wasn't serving anyone. I went and had a closer look and I saw that the man had fainted inside of the van. I didn't know what to do but I remembered my first aid training so I approached the truck and told him that I was a first aider and I asked him if I could help. He was conscious and replied with yes. I assumed that it was the hot weather that had done this to the man as it is not normally hot in England but it was that day. He looked pretty de-hydrated so I grabbed one of the drinks from his truck and I went inside of the van and gave it to him. I stayed in the area for about an hour to make sure all had been sorted and from what I saw, the man was back on his feet and ready to make more 99p's.


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