One Good Day

By Joseph J. Mazzella • November 26, 2013

I had one good day today. It started out with a morning walk with my dogs under the starlight before dawn. It was so beautiful. Looking up I thanked God for the stars, the Earth, and my life. After the walk it was time for a warm breakfast followed by some exercises and prayer. Then I headed out to the office. The sun was out and glistened off the melting snow. The sight made me smile and since I was alone with nobody else's ears to offend I sang along with the CD playing in my car with a loud voice and a happy heart.

My good day was just beginning, however. I helped it along by giving a cheerful greeting to everyone I met. I shared smiles and was happy to have them returned. I offered a helping hand to one friend and a pat on the back to another. Later at the store I opened the door for a lady with her arms full of packages. I bought a few boxes of pancake mix to put in the food drive collection bin. I told a tired cashier what a good job she was doing and watched her whole face light up.

When I got home I gave my daughter a hug, kissed my oldest son on the head, and laughed and played with my youngest son before doing some work on the computer. Then I answered letters trying to share a little good humor, a kind word, a bit of inspiration, and a loving thought or two with my friends around the world. Later in the evening I spent some quiet time reading a good book, petting my dogs on the head, and scratching my old grey cat under her chin. Finally I ended the day the way I started it: walking my dogs under the starlight, and thanking God for this world, my life, and the chance to live for one more good day.

Perhaps the key to having a great life is to live it one good day at a time. Perhaps the key to being happy in this world is to love all we today and let God take care of our tomorrow. May all of your today's be good ones.


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