Heroes At The Beach

By Nina • June 26, 2018

What an incredible day at the beach! Not because it was the most fabulous weather. Not because we were with fabulous friends. No, it was the best day because a group of Men and a young boys took the time to notice a little boy with Different abilities, waving his arms in the air saying, my turn, me, me as the football was being tossed around over his head. Honestly, my first thought was oh man they are playing football , I'm going to have to go move Micah . I called Micah from my chair 50 ft away and he was refusing to come! He just continued to watch the ball being tossed, listening to the fun laughter of the Guys, and watching the High fives they were swapping. These are the moments that I dread. These are the moments I have to make choices to choose good thought, not bad ones! But today something incredible happened! These guys, who honestly I didn't have much faith in (strangers) totally impacted me, and Micah. I sat and watched as they tossed the football to Micah! I watch the joy and excitement of being one of the guys radiate on his face! Then, one man actually took the time and bent down and showed Micah how to hold the football and throw it ! Micah played for a good 20 minutes with these Hero's as I will call them! We are all connected, and it's so easy for us to get so caught up in being politically correct, minding our own business, not thinking of simple Acts of kindness, acceptance, and love for others! May I always look around me, and be willing to include the outsider, the differently abled. Hero's come in many forms, and these Men and young man are my hero's today!! The best Beach day ever!


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