By Sonia Kaur • June 25, 2018

The word 'adjustment' seems very weird but please believe me adjustment is the key of happiness. Always make your point, just think about yourself, being selfish etc. Being selfish is good for a moment, but being selfish means making distance with everybody, with friends, family. Being selfish means hurting others unnecessary.

Adjustments means you truly love a person or your family. Non adjustments means you are selfish.

Adjustments means giving respect and non adjustments means you live only for yourself. Adjustments means creating a happy family and good atmosphere around you and non adjustments means hurting everybody for your own sake.

Adjustment is tough, it is very hard to go against your wish for others happiness but believe me this tough course gives you a lifetime happiness and lots of blessings. If you will not adjust, nothing will happen, things will go as they are going. You will make a difference, your happiness will be lost somewhere.

We have to learn to adjust because it is a part of a life and of course we are not living on this planet alone. People are adjusting with us so do we have to. In short, I would like to say that if want to be loved by everyone then you have to learn to adjust, either the day is not too far when you will be alone in your life.

How much you adjust, you will be flooded with friends because non-adjusting people always remain alone, frustrated, depressed etc. Happiness always gain in giving happiness. Learn to adjust if you want to be happy.

Always making others adjust for you means grabbing their happiness in your stubbornness but remember one thing also, no one should always adjust.

Remember one thing as well that don't always adjusts because always making adjustments means reducing your price in others eyes.

If you want to be loved then learn to adjust.

If you want to be flooded with friends learn to adjust.

If you want to be happy then learn to adjust.


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