By Sonia Kaur • June 6, 2018

Charity is an act of giving or you can say spirit of giving. Giving 10% of your income to non-profit organizations. Charity means to fulfill the need of the needy. Whatever need is money, love, things, care, your company, and time, smile, your waste materials etc. You can give whatever blessings you are granted from God.

Charity is not something to give in hurry. Remember if your money is not used wisely then you will also be punished because you are encouraging a person to do bad deeds by giving money i.e drinking alcohol, taking drugs with your money or killing an animal so please be conscious while giving money.

Real charity is giving something without any expectation. When you are spending from your pocket then you will receive 10 times more from God's pocket. If you have nothing to give then use your skills to do charity. You can help through your profession as well i.e Doctors can treat poor, and old people at free of cost.

Spirit of giving-

1) Love- there is a lack of love in the world, and I think giving love is the best thing to give.

2) time and attention- give you time, and attention to old people or sad people to listen their heart.

3) happiness- do every good action i.e being polite, always ready to help your mom in the kitchen, and spread happiness by distributing things among children, and adults.

4) smile- "We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do." Mother Teresa

5) waste things- you have things, and you don't know, then it means that it is not used for you. Give away all your waste things.

6) your helping hand- help everybody around you in all the possible ways.

7) food- feed the poor, animals, and birds. Don't throw your remaining food but give to the poor.

8) don't search for a good company. Give your company to others. There is lack of good friends, despite search, be a good friend, and everybody will run after you.

9) there are many died every day because of lack of blood. Some are poor, they cannot buy, and some can buy but there is shortage so donate your blood, and save the life of others.

10)Sharing- sharing is the best habit.

11) give blessings to everybody, sometimes it works wonder for others.

Do buy from poor, and specially from old street wanders because they are earning despite begging.

Charity begins at home. First take a look at your home. Whosoever is needy. Start from home then go out. Someone in the house is in need, and making donations outside, according to me is showing off.

There are many ways of doing charity. Like adopt a child, and raise him up or adopt a pet, and raise it up, go to old age home, and accompany them, and listen to their heart, go to orphanage, and spend time with children take some toffees, chocolate, and cakes.

You can help the people with your whole body, such as helping someone with your hands, listening someone's grief from your ears, giving advice, giving smile, encouraging someone, being polite from your mouth etc.

If you are giving then try to give those things which are hard to buy by needy. Don't give those things which needy can buy easily. We are brother, and sister in God, so we should always cooperate with each other at the worst time.

Benefits of charity are countless. You will be happy without any reason. You will receive more, and more than you would have given, while giving, and sharing you will come to know your blessings, and you will be always thankful to God. Charity brings smile on giver face. Charity makes you healthy, and wealthy. It fulfills your all wishes. Charity will flourish you. It will give you fame but be down to earth because charity is a blessing which everybody doesn't get, only few have got it. Every star, the richest man, and a successful man does charity that is why they are become special among people.


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